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Vítání Nového Čínského Roku
On One Stage – Chamber Music Festival

SONGFEST.CZ – a brand of its own on the Czech culture scene

The tradition of ushering in the Chinese New Year with Feng-yűn Song’s musical celebration began with a New Year’s concert in 2002; the event was held in and produced by Prague’s Archa Theatre. Since 2008 the festival has spread across the Republic to 10 cities in Bohemia and Moravia.
Since 2007, The festival’s organizer is the non-profit organization Feng-yűn Song z.s. (founded in the same year). The aim of the festival is to support interpersonal understanding and harmonic coexistence between Western and Eastern cultures. The festival’s initiator and protagonist is the singer, voice teacher and musical producer Feng-yűn Song. The singer lives by the motto music vibrates through the body and soul, is without borders, and bestows the spirit with lightness; she aims to increase public awareness and foster participants’ personal growth through musical, pedagogical and cultural activities ranging from trans-cultural dialogue to workshops focusing on quality-of-life issues.

The musical festival also focuses particular attention on the two social groups that embody the past and future of our civilization, i.e. seniors and children. Children and families are currently important themes in all nations, and serve as inspiration for the festival’s subtitle: Positive energy creates a harmonic foundation for understanding both between nations as well as within our own families.
The festival’s spiritual patron is actor and director Jaroslav Dušek.

The Passage of Time and It’s Perception in the East and West

People everywhere have been observing the movements of the sun and the moon since time immemorial, and have created calendars according to which they manage their lives. In addition to the solar calendar, many eastern nations (China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam…) also commonly use the lunisolar Jupiter calendar. The traditional celebration welcoming the New Year is a ritual practiced in Eastern countries as a means of connecting with the creator. The celebrations provide people the opportunity to demonstrate humility and receiving blessings – the ultimate goal of the New Year’s celebration ritual is to gather positive energy and be strengthened by it for the coming year.